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SaaS platform that empowers web3 teams to close more deals


Explore the most efficient out-of-the-box outreach strategies under the supervision of our team

Improved Offer FollowUp

Group Prospecting

Conference Intro

Leads Database

We parse industry’s top lists of web3 projects and Telegram groups to extract contacts of decision makers. Clients can use dozens of filters to find leads for their niche:

  • Web3 Vertical

  • Title

  • Token Metrics

  • Funding Info

  • Supported Chain

  • etc...

Automated Outreach

We use AI-based outreach tactics on Telegram, Twitter and LinkedIn that allow your messages to reach the taget audience quickly and without hussle. Your company brand image is the priority, so we also set quite high standards on spam minimization.

Full Customization

All outreach service packages include full account customization based on your preferences:

  • Bio

  • Name

  • Photos

  • Premium Statuses

  • Username

Web Platform & Telegram Bot

Instead of spending time on looking for the right contacts and messaging them, you can immediately see all chats on the platform with responses from hot leads at the top of the list. You also receive live notifications of new lead responses via our Telegram Bot.

Data Feeds


Why Us? One Word: Customer Service

Our job is to make yours easier. You get constant support and monitoring of a dedicated account manager and don't have to figure anything out by yourself. All packages are highly tailored to your needs including lead selection, sales consulting, account management, message composition and much more, we got your back 💪

About Us



Spredo was founded by a team with many years of prior experience in web3 business development and sales. Therefore, many concepts applied in the operation of the platform have been battle tested for a long time.


Spedo relies on modern AI capabilities to process large volumes of text information accurately. Our developers have exceptional expertise in Big Data management and collection.


Our vision is to become the status quo platform for web3 business development and sales and to masssively simplify present business processes in hundreds of web3 companies.






Yellow Capital




Sal'ad Labs

Gleb Kashev

Chief Sales Officer @ Yellow Capital

"Spredo platform gave our team the required simplification and speed when it came to outreach. I liked the fact that we could track each campaign in real time"

Core Team

All Spredo team members have many years of prior commercial and sales experience in the web3 industry.

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